Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Five

Friday Five is a meme from Eve's Fan Garden that I decided to add to my blog. I will feature the same topic that they do each week, but the original idea came from Cheryl Renee Herbsman's blog.

This week Eve's Fan Garden asks us...

What are five of your pet peeves related to books or reading?

I found this meme just recently and decided to add it to my blog!

1.) My first pet peeve about books or reading is when people bend the pages to hold their place. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THAT! my nephew does that and it drives me crazy I like to keep my books in perfect condition.

2.) The second pet peeve about reading is when the library stamp thing right over the back of the book so you cant see what book is next in the series or what the book is about. You would think they have more sense to not do that!

3.) My third pet peeve about books is if the book is in a series they do not order them properly on the book itself. They make it hard to understand.

4.) The fourth pet peeve about reading is how you can be in love with a book that no one knows about then it becomes a movie and everyone is suddenly in love with it and they had no idea it was even a book to begin with!

5.)The last pet peeve about reading and books is how books from the library get so dirty looking and the binding rips and they get all yucky. I also like to keep books in perfect condition.



  1. Ha, I have to agree with you on almost every point!
    I'm a librarian, and yeah, it drives me crazy when we put labels on top of important information on the book cover. *shakes head*

    And, I hate yucky, worn-out looking books. I'm a big weeder! It makes my fellow librarians cry to see all the books that I am eager to remove from the collection.

    I don't strive for "perfect" looking books, (that would be impossible!) but I do like to keep things looking at least half as nice as your average bookstore!

  2. Haha, yup, I agree. Especially with the dog-earing. Ugh, drives me nuts when people fold the corner of the page over like that.


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