Review Policy/Ratings

Breathing Books would love to review books for any author or publisher. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I will give my honest opinion no matter what. I am also happy to participate in Author interviews and host contests. Just contact me at or at Breathing Book's facebook page

Genres I Accept- I am open to any type of book, will read anything from young adult novels to memoirs. although my favorite is historical fiction, i will read and review any book.

I Don't Accept- ebooks.

How Long It Takes For A Review- It all depends on how long the book is but i will probably have a review out within two weeks give or take.

In My Review- Any book review i write for an author will include the authors picture and a section about him or her. It will include my ratings which you can see here

*your book review will be shown on my review and 2011 book list pages. You will also be featured in my Author of the month page for that month!*

Breathing Books can not be responsible for any books that get damaged or lost in mail! any author or publisher must understand this!

Beautifully Written- * * * * *
Great Read- * * * *
Alright- * * *
Not For Me- * *
Don't Read- *

Thank you- Breathing Books

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