Saturday, January 15, 2011

Author Of The Month: Ottilie Weber

January's Author Of The Month is Ottilie Weber

Ottolie Weber is a new and upcoming author. Still a college student living in my home state of Jersey. who has a love of reading and writing. She has written End Of the Line (which i will definitely be reading.) and has a new book coming out in the Spring of 2011.

End Of the line came out March 2nd 2009
Summary-Asteroids came crushing down at Earth at unbelievable speeds, killing off most of the world as a group of six children ranging from six to seventeen stick together to survive lead by Lauren and Aaron. Even though the two didn’t know each other at school they stay together to find food, shelter, and cover from Dean Manson, a free man from prison who seeks revenge on Aaron. As the two try to stay alive, and hide from this powerful man, many things come their way, starvation, illness and even falling in love with each other as the two try their best to deny it. It is when Dean Manson finally figures out how to get back at Aaron is their emotions finally clear...

Her next book which is called Family Ties is scheduled to come Spring of 2011

I feel that she will definitely become the next great author. I'm looking forward to reading End Of The Line


  1. This looks like an excellent book. I am now a new follower. I also like Historical among others.
    My blog...

  2. Wish there was an e-version, I definitely wanna read this one!!
    I'm following you now :)my name comes up as Varsha :)

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  4. Actually if you have a kindle, I uploaded an e-reader one on Amazon. I think Family Ties will be more universal, I'm with a different company with that book.


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