Friday, January 7, 2011

Another Question..

alright im really sorry i have been asking alot of questions but i would really like to know how to make my blog look more like a website.. with the tabs up top so my blog will look more organized. anything feedback would be greatly appreciated thank you


  1. To get the tabs (I learned the hard way by messing around, and being stupid not asking) Anyways, you have to go to the design part of your blog and at the top if there's a section you click add gadget and it the one that says pages (add stand alone pages), and then once that's in place if you go to "posting" then the "edit pages" right below that and click "add new page" those will give you the links you need.

    I hope that helped. :) If you need anything you can leave me a comment or email me at bookserieslover at and I can try and help. I'm not an expert to say the least but I can do a few things.

    Don't worry about asking to many questions. It's how you learn.

  2. thanks! you have been so much help!

  3. :) Not a problem. I'm glad to help.

  4. You can add the tabs using the pages as AngelicNytmare explained, but you can also add it using html code which will provide you with more options, particularly with blogspot. Pages can be limiting, so it really depends on what you want to use the tabs for. If you are interested in the html code with directions, let me know! Feel free to email me!

  5. okay thank you for taking the time for helping me!


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